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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Osteoporosis New Threat To Young People

Posted at 7:57 PM by Khafi

Osteoporosis is no longer synonymous with women's age of menopause. Experts find new trends, that the fragility of these bones is precisely experienced by women aged 20 to 30s.

Dr. Jashan Vishwanath, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon says, this disease will appear if bone mass declines.
"The case of osteoporosis is usually started after menopause. However, now it is found in younger women, "said Dr. Vishwanath.
Osteoporosis is indeed difficult to detect because it did not show clear symptoms. You may be more wary if often have muscle aches and bone are suddenly on the neck area.

Lack of calcium and vitamin D are often referred to as a trigger, it turns out not to be the primary cause. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and drink soda, lack of exercise, and obesity is recorded as the cause of osteoporosis in young age.
In addition also the use of drugs such as steroids, and medical problems associated with ovarian can also trigger condition of pengeroposan bone.

"Generally the bone has two main components, matrix proteins and collagen, and calcium salts. Power cord maximum will be developed at the age of 25 years, after which it decreases sharply as the new age. So we need to develop the strength of bones in their early years. Women tend to lose 30 percent of their bone calcium in the period permenopause. Therefore, the supplement is most needed at the time. "

Osteoporosis can actually be self-administered. You just suggested to use calcium supplements and vitamin D3, more often exposed to the Sun, and bone strength by doing a train walk every day. Of course it also has to be balanced with fruit and vegetable intake, reduce caffeine, and stop the habit of smoking.

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