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Thursday, March 22, 2012

RapidVPS : 100% Uptime, Deeply Discounted Web Hosting

Posted at 1:24 PM by Khafi
RapidVPS : 100% Uptime, Deeply Discounted Web Hosting

Reliable, Fast WHM/cPanel Shared Hosting from $ 34.95 / YEAR!

RapidVPS :: Discounted Lifetime Shared Hosting
We have been providing quality Shared Hosting top-notch support since 2004.

We own our own network infrastructure and servers
We own and manage our own IP space direct from ARIN
We are not a hosting reseller

We have full control over our hardware, network, and staff
We own all our own equipment and DO NOT OVERSELL our shared hosting platforms.

** We do not rent $ 299 servers from large datacenters. This type of business model often fails and results in countless posts on this very forum. Don't make a costly mistake. Check our reputation here:

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