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Thursday, March 29, 2012

TinderHost ♥ Blazing Fast cPanel Hosting Accelerated by Varnish ♥

Posted at 9:19 AM by Khafi
TinderHost ♥ Blazing Fast cPanel Hosting Accelerated by Varnish ♥

What do you demand from your host? Unthrottled performance? Check. Personalized and caring support? Check. "Downtime" not in our vocabulary? Check!

We truly care about our customers and what they demand from a web host. The formula is simple. Provide speedy service, ensure websites stay up, and offer support that not just fixes problems, but makes the customer feel special and taken care of.


We've also increased the resources on all of our packages by as much as 200%, for absolutely FREE. This means all our existing clients got a boost in disk space and disk transfer, just for being our loyal customer. We take care of our clients and we truly mean it. Why not make the switch today?

Enjoy high performance hosting accelerated by Varnish Cache, backed by personalized, caring support. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

Check us out today!

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