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Sunday, March 4, 2012

ZerOne Hosting - $39 professional Wordpress themes FOR FREE, plus FREE DESIGN WORK!

Posted at 10:22 AM by Khafi
ZerOne Hosting - $39 professional Wordpress themes FOR FREE, plus FREE DESIGN WORK!

Dear WHT members,

This week we have a very special offer for you! We offer FREE professional, high quality website themes to choose from, PLUS all the necessary work to customize the theme you select to your needs!

These are not the usual "auto" install, low quality, free themes that you might have encountered. These are modern, high quality Wordpress designs! But a picture is worth a thousand words so feel free to explore the designs as well as get to know their extra features!

The theme alone is worth $ 39! The work to customize and publish the website is worth much more than that! The exact amount depends on the designer and the necessary work to deliver the website but it certainly is a high, triple figure value! We offer all this FOR FREE!!! Read on to find out more details about our offer!

All of our Web Hosting plans include:
cPanel with RVSkin
Softaculous Script Installer
R1Soft user accessible daily backups
Unlimited domains
Unlimited mySQL databases
Unlimited email accounts
Website transfer services
Zero setup fee
24/7 support
30 day unconditional money back guarantee
99.99% uptime guarantee

The details of each Web Hosting plan:

30 GB Disc Space
150 GB Bandwidth
$ 3.95/month
$ 11.49/3 months = $ 3.83/month
$ 22.28/6 months = $ 3.71/month
$ 41.71/year = $ 3.48/month
$ 71.10/2 years = $ 2.96/month

Please click here to purchase the Starter plan.

80 GB Disc Space
400 GB Bandwidth
$ 7.95/month
$ 23.13/3 months = $ 7.71/month
$ 44.84/6 months = $ 7.47/month
$ 83.95/year = $ 7.00/month
$ 143.10/2 years = $ 5.96/month

Please click here to purchase the Advanced plan.

150 GB Disc Space
750 GB Bandwidth
$ 15.95/month
$ 46.41/3 months = $ 15.47/month
$ 89.96/6 months = $ 14.99/month
$ 168.43/year = $ 14.04/month
$ 287.10/2 years = $ 11.96/month --> Purchase our Expert plan, select the bi-annual payment term and get the FREE THEME of our offer AND let us do all the necessary work to customize the theme to your needs!

Please click here to purchase the Expert plan.

We'd recommend to contact us prior to signing up for the free theme offer since an evaluation of your website requirements is necessary. Browse the themes, choose one or more that you like and then contact us and let us know what your website's subject is, provide the structure that you want, note any special requirements you might have, etc. We'll then evaluate your case and let you know if the project is feasible. If it is we'll give you the green light to purchase our web hosting plan and then we'll immediately start building your website.

Please note that:

  • During the period that we build the website, only we shall have access to your control panel.
  • The website will not be publicly available until the design work is considered final. During this period you will have full refund capability. That means that if you do not like our work you can get a full refund.
  • You'll be given previews of the work in progress until the design has been agreed between us as final. When it is, the website will be made publicly available and you'll be given full access to your control panel. From this point on no refund will be available.
We use this process just to ensure that people do not take advantage of our work and then walk away with the final design ready in their hands to use it somewhere else. This would be illegal since they never paid for the theme plus the fact that all of our design work (which is substantial) will be done for nothing. We do have to protect our time investment so we hope you will understand why we use this process. But at the same time we'd also like you to feel comfortable in making an investment with us and that is why we provide full refund capabilities until the website is ready and uploaded.

So if you are interested in this offer contact us by replying in this thread, by PM or by email at sales[at] We'll be happy to help you in any way possible!

If you'd like to test response times and/or download speed from our server to your location then feel free to use the following IP and test download file:

Test IP:
Test download file --> 100 MB:

But why choose us as your web host?

First of all we are not resellers. We are not saying that reselling is something to be frowned upon. It actually is a useful tool to get started in the web hosting business. But reselling makes you dependent on your provider. When something goes wrong you have to wait for your provider to fix it or help you with it. Also sometimes reselling can come from another reseller, which puts another link in the chain of problem solving. All this means extra delays in getting your client’s problems resolved. We can’t afford that. We want to be in control. That is why we own and manage our own servers.

We provide personal support. What does that mean? It means that we do not use canned responses. We do not have our support outsourced. We always have a real support engineer on line, not someone who needs to escalate things to someone else. We do not promise useless first response times, we solve matters on the first reply if no extra feedback is necessary. We take care of our customers as if they are our only customer. Every customer is equally important to us, from the smallest hosting plan to large custom made plans.

We keep our servers low on usage. Space is not oversold, resources are not oversold. We consider a server full when resource usage “tells” us it is, not when profit targets or account numbers are met.

We are a real, officially registered company. You’ll be amazed but many web hosts are not officially established companies. That is not the way to go and in most (if not all) countries this is highly illegal. We are a real, officially registered in the UK Limited Company who answers directly to UK law (Company No. 07737750).

These are the main benefits you can enjoy by joining us. But there are many more. For example who can ignore the R1Soft client accessible backups? That also doesn't appear often in webhosts' feature lists! So feel free to check our website for more information. You can also ask us anything you want by replying in this thread, by PM or by email at sales[at]

Thank you

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