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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 – Wise E-Commerce Hosting ► FREE Magento Consultation Services!!!

Posted at 4:55 PM by Khafi â€" Wise E-Commerce Hosting ► FREE Magento Consultation Services!!!

WISEBOOST â€" Magento Optimized Web Hosting

*SPECIAL* FREE Magento Consultation Services On Yearly Packages (valid until April 30th)

This is a way to bring your E-Commerce website to new levels. When you buy a yearly hosting package with us, we will do a free website consultation (case study) on your web store. We will give an experienced external opinion on what should be done to make your website to its optimal form and transform visitors into customers. This is service will be 100% free of charge and guaranteed to increase conversion rate! ($ 150 VALUE)

About us:

We are not the usual web host you find on Web Hosting Talk. We will not offer huge discount to bring tons of customers. We offer reliable, fast and honest hosting to all our customers. We want you to focus on making sales and let us speed up the load time of your online store!

Our Mission:

We want to offer our clients an advantage against their competitors : perfect visitor experience.

We will not offer all those features that a shop won't need (site builders, etc.). We prefer to keep our servers running only E-Commerces and keep the resources usage to what brings money to our customers : user experience and speed!

How ?

-Low Density Servers : MORE servers with LESS accounts on them
-Secure Servers : All our servers are backed by technicians and monitored using BinaryCanary (1 minute interval)
-Fast Loading Time : We use latest stable technologies and we test them on our own Magento shops (which generate a lot of traffic). That way, we can find if technologies are safe to use and if there’s an improvement against other products.
-Content Delivery Network : On most of our hosting packages, we offer CDN so the customer will have a much faster loading time on images, no matter where in the world he is.

Our offers :

SMALL BUSINESS (1k-15k hits per day)
7.5GB Disk Space
75GB Bandwidth
SSH Access On Demand
$ 19.99 / MONTH | $ 199.99 / YEAR (Save 17%) + FREE MAGENTO CONSULTATION SERVICE

MEDIUM BUSINESS (15k-50k hits per day)
15GB Space
100GB Bandwidth
Isolated environment
SSH Access
CDN (optional)

$ 29.99 / MONTH | $ 299.99 / YEAR (Save 17%) + FREE MAGENTO CONSULTATION SERVICE

LARGE BUSINESS (50k-100k hits per day)
30GB Space
150GB Bandwidth
Isolated environment
SSH Access
CDN (optional)

$ 49.99 / MONTH | $ 499.99 / YEAR (Save 17%) + FREE MAGENTO CONSULTATION SERVICE

ENTERPRISE (100k + hits per day)
75GB Space
200GB Bandwidth
Isolated environment
SSH Access
CDN (optional)
Free Extension Installation
Phone Support

$ 89.99 / MONTH | $ 899.99 / YEAR (Save 17%) + FREE MAGENTO CONSULTATION SERVICE

Standard with all packages:

Magento One Click Installer
Magento Optimized Servers

cPanel 11
Unlimited E-Mail Addresses / Domains / Subdomains
24/7 Support
Free Instant Setup
Free Migration Service
RAID-1 Protection

Why WISEBOOST ? (in case you still are not decided)

-We use Varnish Cache : During the last years, we have been testing Magento and Varnish responded better than NginX, Litespeed or a tweaked Apache.
-We use quality hardware : Our servers are NOT based on cheap desktop components. We want to ensure long term reliability and performance.
-100 mbps uplink port : If you have high traffic, this feature will ensure that the server will stay online in the event of an attack.
-We don’t do reseller hosting : How is that an advantage ? We monitor daily and control who is on the server and make sure no customers are suspicious.

Our guarantee :

We have done many researches and tests to see our loading times against competitors and we believe that if you are unsatisfied with your current host, you should give us a try. If you are not satisfied with us within 15 days, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Got any questions ?

Email us at
Visit our website at

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