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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Generation Secured Webhosting

Posted at 6:33 PM by Khafi
New Generation Secured Webhosting

Toll Free 1-855-BEASTSERV

Sales & Support +Live Chat!

We have implemented the best security measures in the hosting

including but not limited to:
Secure Isolated Users.
Linux Kernel Level Security.
Advanced Network Design - multi-home redundant network

Raid Storage Space - Protects your important data.
Active live anti virus and flood protection included for all

shared hosting accounts.

One / Pro website deal:
allows you to host 1 or all of your websites! What's the idea?

as long as the websites are yours (domain name listed in the

owners information) you have the best plan with no less then

up to 150GB of hard disk space
and 3TB bandwidth, that is not all you also get to enjoy your

private IP and build your own DNS
to easily control your domains

Big website deal:
For big websites that have databases bigger then 100Mb and up

to 500MB per DB.
Can be the best solution for websites with up to 20,000 unique

visits per day. one step before a dedicated server.

One Website Deal

Disk Space 150GB
Bandwidth 3TB
Domains Allowed 1
MySql databases UNLIMITED

ONLY $ 5 Per month
Semi-Annually only $ 25 (get a month for free)
Annually only $ 50 (get 2 months for free)


Pro Websites Deal

Disk Space 150GB
Bandwidth 3TB
Dedicated IP 1 for private DNS + reverse
Domains Allowed UNLIMITED
MySql databases UNLIMITED

ONLY $ 8 per month
Semi-Annually only $ 40 (get 1 month free)
Annually only $ 80 (get 2 months free)


Big Website Deal

Connetion 1GBPS (per server)
Bandwidth 3TB
Disk Space 150GB
Domains allowd 1
MySql databases Unlimited (MySql size up to 500Mb each)
Control panel Cpanel / Directadmin
SSD tecnology

ONLY $ 25 per month


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