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Friday, March 16, 2012

[UK] ★ GigaTux Shared Hosting ★ Now That's What I Call Hosting! ★

Posted at 3:20 AM by Khafi
[UK] ★ GigaTux Shared Hosting ★ Now That's What I Call Hosting! ★

High quality shared cPanel hosting from £1.99 / €2.33 / $ 3.25 per month

We're cheap, but not the cheapest. However, GigaTux's overriding priorities are reliability, reliability and reliability, obviously with the additional focus on cost effective packages and simply fantastic and personal support. Our packages are packed with features, including all the tools you'll need to start your own web site.

All of the web hosting packages are based on cPanel, which is a rich backend control panel for administering your web site. In addition, all packages also include MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CGI, PERL and even more. Softaculous is also included, which is a tool which installs scripts such as phpBB or Wordpress with the click of a button. You'll not have to worry about script installation again.

We pride ourselves on our support and performance, and are happy to help you out when you need it.

See our Web Hosting packages online

What do our customers say?

"You are always offering timely maintenance and patient responses, so I am always pleased. Thank you for your excellent service."
-- Likounin

"Everything is great... I have been very happy with the level of support both the speed of the replies and the well written answers." -- Jonathan

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All our shared hosting packages offer the following:

  • Quality, lightning fast hard drive space on a RAID 10 system.
  • Full burst use of the 100Mbps network port at very well connected data centres in the UK or USA.
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Latest cPanel 11 w/Softaculous
  • 24/7 Ticket Support, we're available
  • cURL / cURL SSL Support
  • Unlimited Email / POP3 / Exim Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub & Parked domains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Instant / Free Setup
  • Apache Web Server / IMAP, SMTP Support
Noob - £1.99 / €2.33 / $ 3.25 per month

100MB disk
5GB data transfer
(overage only 6p/GB)

Apprentice - £4.99 / €5.75 / $ 8.17 per month

2GB disk
25GB data transfer
(overage only 6p/GB)

Master - £6.99 / €8.07 / $ 11.40 per month

5GB disk
50GB data transfer
(overage only 6p/GB)

Guru - £9.99 / €11.49 / $ 16.24 per month

10GB disk
100GB data transfer
(overage only 6p/GB)

Who are GigaTux?

GigaTux is a hosting company, launched in February 2007. GigaTux presently has high powered servers situated in London and San Jose. These locations offers very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection.

GigaTu x believes in offering clients an honestly priced service, with no compromises on important aspects that matter - reliable storage, quality bandwidth and excellent customer service.

For more information, see

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