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Sunday, April 8, 2012

EU - Awesome Managed Wordpress - $4/mo, one only!

Posted at 10:28 AM by Khafi
EU - Awesome Managed Wordpress - $4/mo, one only!


Are you (or your visitors) in the EU? Like Wordpress? Well, have we got a deal for you...

We leased a VPS in Europe (for a year, oops) on behalf of a long-time customer who wanted to upgrade their blog from shared hosting. Then, at the eleventh hour... they changed their mind. Don't ask.

So, guess who's got a pretty nice server optimized for a large Wordpress site sitting around doing absolutely nothing?

That would be us.

Since we really have no need for this machine, we figured we'd give some lucky person a heck of a deal - a fully managed Wordpress install on a fast European server.

I mean, it's that or just quietly lose money, knamean?

This is very much a one-off deal, since there's a limit to our stupidity...

Anywho, how does

  • 1GB of space
  • 100GB/mo of transfer

...on a well-optimized LLMP (Debian Linux, Lighttpd, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.3 with Suhosin plus APC) server all to yourself, for $ 4/mo or $ 40/year sound?

We manage everything, handle backups, help migrate your existing Wordpress site (if any), setup awstats or Webalizer (your choice) and install whatever PHP/perl/whatever modules your plugins might need (imagemagick, gd, et al); you get an IP address (IPv4 only, sorry), SCP access, and the Wordpress password. No CPanel, no PHPMyAdmin, no SSH access, no gimmicks, no empty promises. Some software, some disk space, and a bunch of bandwidth.

We've been providing hosting for nine years, offer fast and friendly support, blah blah blah, nobody cares.

No porn, warez, rapidleech, copyright-violation linkfarms, spamming, hate sites, malware, IRC, scrapers, splogs, MFA crap, blah blah blah, you know the drill. (As the YCHDNS TOS so eloquently puts it, "Don't host **** magnets".) Yes, you can install other stuff, so long as it's A, legal, B, compliant with our TOS and AUP, and C, not a forum.

PM if, gods forbid, you actually want it, otherwise post your (most likely trollish, this being WHT) questions below.

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