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Thursday, May 3, 2012

$7 KVM-512, West Coast servers! Windows 2003 R2 included!

Posted at 11:20 PM by Khafi
$7 KVM-512, West Coast servers! Windows 2003 R2 included! has the following KVM server specials available.

Servers are located in CoreSite's San Jose Data Center.

BGP blend:
- nLayer
- Global Crossing
- Hurricane Electric
- Any2 Internet Exchange
- Highwinds

ALL VPS servers are setup instantly upon payment. We have worked hard to develop a system which completely automates your server setup. Be online and with a server running within minutes!

We are the home for cheap VPSes with the highest performance. Feel free to compare our server specifications and network offerings with competitors, we can't be beat!

Services Include:
- All purchases are non-refundable
- KVM Based and SolusVM (VPS) Control Panel (You get the resources you pay for and the stability that comes with it!)
- Non-Oversold Resources
- West Coast (great connection, low latency to Asia/Europe)
- 24/7 Support
- Real phone support! (888)-50-SONIC or (888)-50-76642 (Please leave your phone number and time zone / contact hours and we'll call you back)
- No coupons; unconditional low prices for life.
- 100mbps connectivity - NOT rate limited
- Intel Xeon L5420 minimal
- Custom ISOs: As long as it has a public link, we can organize it for you.

Operating Systems:
» Ubuntu
» CentOS
» Debian
» Fedora
» ArchLinux
» Windows 2003 R2
» Your own ISO

Low Sonic KVM256
256MB Dedicated RAM
15GB RAID 10 Disk Space
1000 GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IP Address
$ 3.50 per Month
Order Now!

Mega Sonic KVM512
512MB Dedicated RAM
30GB RAID 10 Disk Space
2000 GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IP Address
$ 7 per Month
Order Now!

Super Sonic KVM1024
1024MB Dedicated RAM
50GB RAID 10 Disk Space
4000 GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IP Address
$ 14 per Month
Order Now!

Ultra Sonic KVM2048
2048MB Dedicated RAM
75 GB RAID 10 Disk Space
6000 GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IP Address
$ 28 per Month
Order Now!

Epi Sonic KVM4096
4096MB Dedicated RAM
100 GB RAID 10 Disk Space
10,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IP Address
$ 56 per Month
Order Now!

Test IP and files (Looking Glass):

Test read/write **Node is at full capacity with clients**
dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=64k conv=fdatasync
65536+0 records in
65536+0 records out
4294967296 bytes (4.3 GB) copied, 22.5983 s, 190 MB/s

Contact us: Please submit a ticket at: here.

Phone support TOLL FREE!!!: (888)-50-SONIC or (888)-50-76642

Any questions feel free to ask, please leave appropriate contact details whether via our ticket system or phone and we will get back to you. Also let us know your time zone and preferable contact hours.

We are also trialling DDoS protection at $ 4 per IP. Contact us if you are interested!

SonicVPS - Faster than Light

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