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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free .edu Subdomain with cPanel Hosting Plan! A Rare Opportunity!

Posted at 7:21 PM by Khafi
Free .edu Subdomain with cPanel Hosting Plan! A Rare Opportunity!

Have you ever pondered the idea of having your own sub-domain with cPanel only to find out this was virtually impossible? Not anymore..

With our .edu hosting plan, clients receive a free .edu subdomain with cPanel, ftp, .edu email, etc.

Please review our plans here:

Please review our TOS here:

Apply for your free .edu sub-domain with cPanel here:

All sites are reviewed for eligibility. Websites must be designed to reflect academia or be educational in nature.

Please note that free .edu s ub-domain's are only available with our .edu hosting plan options. If you decide to not host with us then your .edu sub-domain becomes invalid.

The free .edu sub-domains offered are authentic grandfathered edu domains that are no less than 15 years old.

The main page domains are for transcript access only and our clients who operate online schools or course-ware also receive free, secure transcript services.

There are several companies who will give you very good discounts simply using your .edu email!

1-3 year plans now available.

A rare opportunity for those who are focused in LMS development or academia!


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