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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catalyst Host - cPanel, Softaculous, 50% off first month

Posted at 2:18 PM by Khafi
Catalyst Host - cPanel, Softaculous, 50% off first month

Allow me to reintroduce myself and my company, Catalyst Host. We are two guys (Ryan & Jarland) who simply love what we do. We made a very brief push just over a year ago and quickly took a step backward and closed down our front end. We decided that we wanted to take a year to focus on our existing clients and take new clients only by referral. The goal was simple. We wanted to provide affordable hosting with the most personalized support and see if we could achieve a goal of 100% uptime for our clients. There were migrations, upgrades, and things to learn along the way. Through it all, we maintained 100% uptime for our clients. We have upgraded our systems and we are ready to accept a limited number of new clients. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

Despite providing 100% uptime for clients in the last year, I will not promise you something that is based on chance. We will promise 99% uptime and that any second of downtime will send us into fit s of rage, which will not be targeted at you

Without further rambling, here are our shared hosting packages. All packages include cPanel, Softaculous, 24 hour support, and no overselling on our servers. We do have a limit of stock available for each package as we will not accept more clients than we can handle in order to provide quality service and support.

Storage: 2,000mb
Bandwidth: 5,000mb
Domains: 2
E-mail accounts: 20
SQL Databases: 5
$ 10/m

Storage: 5,000mb
Bandwidth: 10,000mb
Domains: 4
E-mail accounts: 50
SQL Databases: 15
$ 15/m

Storage: 10,000mb
Bandwidth: 20,000mb
Domains: 10
E-mail accounts: 100
SQL Databases: 25
$ 20/m

Storage: 25,000mb
Bandwidth: 40,000mb
Domains: Unlimited
E-mail accounts: 500
SQL Databases: 50
$ 30/m

We will be adding Wordpress packages soon. We encourage you to contact us for any questions you may have or if you have any custom needs that these packages do not fit. I thank you for your time and I would love the opportunity to provide you with the web hosting experience that you and your clients deserve.

For 50% off your first month of hosting, use the promotional code ONEYEAR at checkout.

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