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Friday, May 18, 2012

SpeedySparrow - 6 Years Anniversary Sale! 80% OFF!

Posted at 4:18 PM by Khafi
SpeedySparrow - 6 Years Anniversary Sale! 80% OFF!

6 Years Anniversary Sale - 80% OFF!


SpeedySparrow is offering a whopping 80% OFF your first invoice, to celebrate our 6 Years Anniversary! This offer is valid for monthly terms on any Shared or Reseller Plan.

Simply use coupon code wht80srb via checkout, this applies to new orders only.

SpeedySparrow - High Performance LiteSpeed Hosting with CloudLinux!

Visit: Hosting Page

1. Contact Email: sales [at]
2. Contact Us:
Sales Department
3. Website:
4. Shared Hosting: Packages and Information
5. Reseller Hosting: Packages and Information
6. VPS Hosting: Packages and Information
7. Domain Names: Availability and Registration

5MB | 10MB | 50MB

Test Now

Updated Shared Packages!
----------------------------------------- ---------

Take a step back, relax and calm down as this is going to be a remarkable offer that you cannot refuse.

Get ahead of the crowd with our latest high performance LiteSpeed Hosting Service with CloudLinux today for a great low price starting from $ 4.99/monthly.

- 24x7 Technical Support
- Nightly Offsite-Backups
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- CloudFlare Plugin
- Installatron Installer
- Softaculous Installer
- RVSite Builder Pro
- Trendy Site Builder
- LiteSpeed Enterprise
- R1Soft Backups

Server Information
Orlando Florida
Intel Xeon L5520
12GB DDR3 Dedicated Ram
Raid-10 Hardware @ 1.0TB Drives
1Gbit Port (or 1000MBIT)

SpeedySparrow Webhosting Reviews

Sites we are servicing everyday!

SpeedySparrow hosts a wide variety of websites from forums,
blogs, to generic pages, and business services, e-commerce,
and many more. Here is a list of services with approval to list
from our active customers:

Drizzle Hosting

5,120 MB Quality Disk Space
200 GB Premium bandwidth

As low as $ 4.99 /month

3 Month Pre-Payment - $ 4.66
6 Month Pre-Payment - $ 4.49
12 Month Pre-Payment - $ 3.99

[FLORIDA] Order This Package

Most Popular!

Shower Hosting

15,360 MB Quality Disk Space
300 GB Premium bandwidth

As low as $ 9.99/month

3 Month Pre-Payment - $ 9.66
6 Month Pre-Payment - $ 8.99
12 Month Pre-Payment - $ 7.99

[FLORIDA] Order This Package

Best Value!

Thunder Hosting

25,600 MB Quality Disk Space
500 GB Premium bandwi dth

As low as $ 14.99/month

3 Month Pre-Payment - $ 14.66
6 Month Pre-Payment - $ 13.49
12 Month Pre-Payment - $ 11.99

[FLORIDA] Order This Package

Super Saver!

Lightning Hosting

35,840 MB Quality Disk Space
700 GB Premium bandwidth

As low as $ 24.99/month

3 Month Pre-Payment - $ 24.66
6 Month Pre-Payment - $ 22.49
12 Month Pre-Payment - $ 19.99

[FLORIDA] Order This Package

Bargain Hunters!

Questions and Answers

1. Do you offer Shared Hosting?

Yes, We do offer Shared Hosting. You can check this on our Shared Page.

2. Do you offer
Reseller Hosting?

Yes, We do offer Reseller Hosting. You can check this on our Resellers page.

3. Do you offer Support? If and How do you offer it?

Yes, We offer 24x7 Technical Support around the clock. You can contact us directly using our ticketing system.

4. Are you a Reseller?

No we are not a reseller. We have root acc ess to our servers.

5. Where are your servers located?

In Orlando, Florida and within the DimeNOC, a modern telecom facility located in the central I-4 corridor near downtown Orlando. The facility combines a robust network and proven equipment to create a high performance data environment.

Test File:5MB | 10MB | 50MB

6. Money Back Guarantees?

We offer a 30 Day money back Guarantee to all clients who use our services. If we do not meet expectations or you are not satisfied within the 30 days we will provide full refund your payment.

7. What Control Panel do you use?

We are using the industry leading cPanel as our hosting control panel.

8. If I sign up now, how long before I am online?

Your hosting account will be set up as soon as full payment is received.

9. Will I get charged for Bandwidth Over usage?
No. We do not overcharge accounts that exceed their bandwidth usage. We take a more appropriate step and suspend the account until the next months auto bandwidth reset. You can also contact us to upgrade to a higher plan and your hosting account will be automatically unsuspended.

10. Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

Yes you can upgrade to higher plans at anytime. You will just need to put in a ticket with Billing department and we will process it within 24 hours (normally much less than that).

11. Do you offer a Backup Service?

Yes, we offer an Offsite Backup Service with R1Soft. All accounts will be backed up everyday onto our off-site server located in Los Angeles, California.

12. Do you support Warez?

Absolutely not. We forbid any forms of Warez on our servers. This includes (Uploading and Linking) to illegal content.

13. I want to host adult content, do you allow this?

Yes, we offer an Offsite Backup Service with R1Soft. All accounts will be backed up everyday onto our off-site server located in Orlando Florida.

14. I want to use SSH, do you allow this?
Yes, we can provide Jailed SSH Access. You will need to open a ticket with Billing department supplying us with scanned copies of official verification documents like national IDs and driving license.

15. I want to use Mailing lists, is there email limits?

Yes we do restrict outgoi ng mail to 200 E-mails per hour.

Payment Options

- PayPal
- 2Checkout

More Information and Forums

More information can be found by contacting our Sales department, or, browsing our Community Forums.

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