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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Midgate - Hosting and Design

Posted at 10:22 AM by Khafi
Midgate - Hosting and Design


What we are?
We are a company on the network and design over Europe on the last years, we have been dedicated to offer our services to companies around Spain and Romania as well as some places around Europe.

We are proudly to open our services to the end and professional user.


We offer 3 simple packs, that packs can be upgraded and downgraded all the time depending on your needs.

Multilingual support, native support in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Romanian.

Phone/SMS/iMessage/Whatsapp support. You decide.

Europe servers.

Starting at 4,95€
4 GB Space
50GB Traffic

You can find all the chart here:
Hosting Packs

Contact Us
You can find us by using any of the following methods:

If you have any feedback or you want help us to improve send us an email to:

Kind Regards,

David Pons
Midgate Team

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