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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midpulse - Customizable Shared Hosting With VPS-Like Resources

Posted at 2:16 AM by Khafi
Midpulse - Customizable Shared Hosting With VPS-Like Resources

Midpulse Web Hosting

We now offer customized shared hosting with VPS-like resources, as of 2012!
We allow you to customize things like disk space, bandwidth, # of MySQL databases, etc. Not only that, but we also allow you to choose the amount of CPU, RAM, simultaneous processes, etc for your shared plan. You no longer have to worry about managing a VPS, just because your site grows.

Advanced Features

SSH Access
Reverse DNS
Daily Backups
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
24/7 Technical Support

PHP 4 & 5
Zend & eAccelerator
Imagemagick w/GD
Server Side Includes
Frontpage Extensions

Real Audio/Video
Windows Media
FFmpeg, PHP-FFmpeg
Mplayer, flvtool, lame

For more specific information on our plans, you may visit Hosting Plans

If you have any questions please contact us at sales(at)midpulse(dot)com.

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