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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Save 20-50% On Our CloudLinux Web Hosting

Posted at 3:19 PM by Khafi
Save 20-50% On Our CloudLinux Web Hosting

If you need a Secure and Safe Host for your new site. We have the perfect solution for you.

Hosting Fine quality sites since March 2006.

We at G.C. Solutions have our own concept of what a Hosting provider should Provide.
Our system pure and simple:

Below packages are located on our KickStarter Server line.
More info on KickStarter Servers:
KickStarter Server Line

KickStarter: Package Cost $ 7.99
G.C. Solutions Guarantees Ram And CPU For Your Site

  • 3 Gig Storage
  • 30 Gig Transfer
  • 1/4 Core Usage Xeon Sandy Bridge
  • 256 MB Memory Usage
  • 50 concurrent connections
HyperCycle Package Cost $ 15.99
G.C. Solutions Guarantees Ram And CPU For Your Site
  • 6 Gig Storage
  • 60 Gig Transfer
  • 1/2 Core Usage Xeon Sandy Bridge
  • 512 MB Memory Usage
  • 100 concurrent connections

Receive a 20%-50% monthly discount for new sign-ups. Just place the promo code below when ordering.
KickStarter Package->WHT20=$ 7.99 reduced to $ 6.40 (Lifetime)
HyperCycle Package->WHT50=$ 15.99 reduced to $ 8.00 (First 3 Months)

Below packages are located on our Factory Server line.
More info on Factory Servers:
Factory Server Line

Starter: Package Cost $ 23.99
G.C. Solutions Guarantees Ram And CPU For Your Site

  • 6 Gig Storage
  • 100 Gig Transfer
  • 1 Core Usage Xeon Harpertown
  • 1 Gig Memory Usage
  • Unrestricted Domain Hosting
  • 10 cPanel Accounts
  • 200 concurrent connections
Business Package Cost $ 36.99
G.C. Solutions Guarantees Ram And CPU For Your Site
  • 12 Gig Storage
  • 200 Gig Transfer
  • 2 Core Usage Xeon Harpertown
  • 1 Gig Memory Usage
  • Unrestricted Domain Hosting
  • 50 cPanel Accounts
  • 400 concurrent connections

Payment Gateways:
Credit Cards Through our Merchant Banking Account

G.C. Solutions created a system that is able to bring your Websites Presence on the internet a step above what other providers are able to offer.

G.C. Solutions goal is simple and will always stay with us and that goal is:
To Assure The Strongest Presence for Any Site Located On Our Server.

More info on G.C. Solutions can be found here:

G.C. Solutions has created a online survey for our customers.
We have had some great response and I would like to share that here..


My website problems ended since moving my websites to GC's Hypercycle plan. Each of my sites now run faster and the support when needed, is on the ball. I suggest GC to anyone looking for dedicated like service and speeds from a shared hosting plan. Don't let your website get lost in the mix, step it up and stand out from the rest by using GC Web Hosting.


For a non-techie like me, you are brilliant, you keep us up top date on what you are doing and we are happy with the service.


We are VERY satisfied with the service and with your dedication to providing top notch webhosting. I do not usually give out all 10's. I did it this time because I know that if there is something you do not offer or if there is a problem, you will do everything in your power to provide the additional service or fix the problem.


You guys have been great.


Best host I have ever had. Great price, customer service and uptime.


Since joining GC solutions a year ago my online presence has been phenomenal.


Thanks for the great service


Best hosting I have ever had. You guys go above & beyond. Keep up the good work!!


Came from the rest, to join the BEST. And I mean that Frank...your servers and CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST attitude is why I recommend you to anyone that runs a website! Thank you!


The transfer was painless and smooth! Thank you Frank for all your time and help!


Very early in my tenure as your customer with this website, but very positive results from another site I manage. Some of the security settings made changing hosts challenging during DNS switchover, but I'll trade that any day for improved security. Thanks GC, we're looking forward to a long prosperous relationship!


I really have been pleased with the work GC does to help out. I recommend you to anyone that asks about hosting.


GC Solutions is by far the best hosting company we have ever used and we have been building websites a long time.


Yes, they are ALL 10's. And I honestly believe that G.C. Solutions deserves every single mark. Since I moved over to them about 3 years site has been virtually up 100% of the time with ZERO problems. I recommend all friends and business associates to G.C. Solutions every chance I get.

Thank You Frank!

We at G.C. Solutions would like to thank all of our customers that have taken the time out to review our services via the online survey and or other message boards.

Frank Doud
G.C. Solutions

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